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Please forgive this interruption of our regularly-scheduled programming:  the next Ed Talk will post next week.

We are grateful to everyone who has commented and sent suggestions regarding our regular Ed Talk and You Get the Future You Invest In posts.

One of the things we heard from several of you is a request for information on what we’re up to when we’re not writing.  In response to that request, here’s a brief sample of some of the ways we’re actively engaged in cultivating a more equitable innovation ecosystem.


Recently Ed spoke to a Gratitude Railroad gathering, which sparked multiple follow-on conversations.  Later today, Julianne is slated to speak on a panel on Women in Impact for New England Impact Investors Initiative.  She has a soon-to-be-announced webinar in June on the most common founders’ mistakes (and how to avoid them);  drop us a note if you’re interested in registration details.

Teaching and Mentoring

Julianne just finished teaching Innovative Social Enterprises, under the Tufts University Entrepreneurial Leadership Program.  She continues to be an active mentor with the MIT Venture Mentoring Service.


It has been a busy competition season!  We participated in judging for the Tufts $100k and MassChallenge competitions, where we saw some very promising young teams.  Julianne also served on the high tech award selection committee for the Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, and will be serving on the selection panel for the Innovate Mass Catalyst Program.


We are excited to announce that Reinventure has just signed on as a sponsor of WFF Connect;  more on that to follow in future updates.  And we are looking forward to participating in a variety of events in the coming weeks, including Capital W and invitation-only innovation and investment-oriented events hosted by swissnex Boston.  These and other gatherings provide opportunities to continue to expand the Reinventure network, and to make new connections for others.

Honorable mentions       

We’ve been delighted to have been featured by



Stefan Pagacik’s True Connections series

Burying the lede?

Last but definitely not least, we are thrilled to share that we have recently received a capital commitment from a prominent family foundation in Colorado!  We look forward to sharing more information as other commitments come in.

Reinventing investing

These are some of the many ways we practice our commitment to cultivating an equitable innovation ecosystem, seeking and supporting high-potential founder teams led by women and people of color, and collaborating with like-minded partners to create and strengthen new networks.

We are intentional about undertaking these efforts not only because we believe they are intrinsically worthwhile, but because we believe — and Ed’s track record demonstrates* — that it is an astute and effective time investment that will serve Reinventure investors well.

At Reinventure, we’re reinventing investing to deliver both intentional social impact and competitive financial returns, without compromise to either.  We’re proud to be in extraordinary company with others who are also working to reinvent the world and create a more equitable future for all.  The evidence is in, the ethical and economic imperative is urgent, and the opportunity is ripe.

Please join us.


*While there’s no such thing as a guarantee in investing and no one can reliably predict the future, Ed’s record at UNC Ventures provides historical evidence that it is indeed possible to invest for both financial returns and social value creation.  To learn more, please contact us.

Image credit:  Threadless / Sesame Street News Flash (see News Flash segments here)

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